A Photo Blog

A Few Polaroids

© Alan Nakkash, Cloud Study, San Diego, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Julia!, San Diego, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, San Diego Rays, San Diego, CA 2008

Here are a few Polaroids i had shot a little while back. since these fucking things are expensive as fuck ($30 dollars for 20 sheets!) since they are going out of production, I am looking to shoot more of them before the end of an era comes. I saw an exhibit on Philip-Lorca diCorcia at LACMA (amazing btw, I would recommend it to anyone interested in lighting and setting up pictures, Matt!) in LA yesterday and he had this interesting take on Polaroids that made sense to me. He said their value comes in the fact that they are disposable, the fact that you didn’t throw it away makes it valuable. He also said that Polaroids should be looked at in bunches rather than single images. I think that makes sense because they capture all these snap shot moments and putting them together gives it a context.


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