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Ballin With Barack.

4 x 5 polaroid.

© Alan Nakkash

Las Vegas: Large Format

© Alan Nakkash, Long Kiss, Las Vegas, NV 2007

© Alan Nakkash, Paris Hallway, Las Vegas, NV 2007

© Alan Nakkash, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV 2007

© Alan Nakkash, Mike, Las Vegas, NV 2007

These were some of the pictures i had made last semester that inspired me to go back to Las Vegas with my medium format camera. These pictures were made with a large format camera. For those that dont know, its a huge fucking camera that is annoying sometimes and doesnt work the way you want it to sometimes, but when you make a picture out of it, there is this sense of detail you just cant get in any other camera. That experience brought me to my current experiences. I posted these up because i had just got back from Vegas with my friend and made lots of pictures. They are being developed currently. It was a fun time all around, a great time was had by all. I will update when i have all the negatives in.