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© Alan Nakkash

Manifest Destiny With No Wheels Requires Other Methods Of Travel

see how seemingly different images can form a storyline? ill make a more detailed post on how one photograph can lead to the next to make a body of work.

© Alan Nakkash


© Alan Nakkash


© Alan Nakkash

How I Spent Some Of My Summer

hanging out at The Getty and making pictures of telephone wires.

© Alan Nakkash

10 Deep Murders

© Alan Nakkash

These are older shots of a series I was working on, I present them to you. They were based off a series by Melanie Pullen on Fashion Crime Scenes. The images remind me of crime scene photographers from the 30s and 40s. They also remind me of Weegee.

A Few Polaroids

© Alan Nakkash, Cloud Study, San Diego, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Julia!, San Diego, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, San Diego Rays, San Diego, CA 2008

Here are a few Polaroids i had shot a little while back. since these fucking things are expensive as fuck ($30 dollars for 20 sheets!) since they are going out of production, I am looking to shoot more of them before the end of an era comes. I saw an exhibit on Philip-Lorca diCorcia at LACMA (amazing btw, I would recommend it to anyone interested in lighting and setting up pictures, Matt!) in LA yesterday and he had this interesting take on Polaroids that made sense to me. He said their value comes in the fact that they are disposable, the fact that you didn’t throw it away makes it valuable. He also said that Polaroids should be looked at in bunches rather than single images. I think that makes sense because they capture all these snap shot moments and putting them together gives it a context.



© Alan Nakkash, Ramel, San Diego, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Ilana, San Diego, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Dewey, San Diego, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Courtney, San Diego, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Lena, San Diego, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Jarod, San Diego, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Stacy, San Diego, CA 2008

Hey, sorry about the lack of any updates, shooting film is a bitch when it comes to updating a blog and not having access to a scanner is seeming to be a problem, i think i might shoot a lot more digital over the summer so i can at least update this regularly, i think i might just even start posting non related photography posts, who knows, im sure it will all work out somehow. Im rambling, just look at the pictures and be impressed or hate them, i dont care, just see them, feel something.

Vegas Baby! Vegas!

© Alan Nakkash, New York New York, Las Vegas, NV 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Paris, Las Vegas, NV 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Beatles Hallway, Las Vegas, NV 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Girls Direct, Las Vegas, NV 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Burn In Hell, Las Vegas, NV 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Construction Guy, Las Vegas, NV 2008

© Alan Nakkash, 3 Card Monty, Las Vegas, NV 2008

Daniel says I dont update my blog enough and I agree….so here is a big update from Las Vegas. There are many more shots to come so I hope these images provide some excitement for the rest of the images to come. I am very excited about this project…this is one I will be working on for a long time to come, I think there is something here that still needs to be explored, something about this place….the people, the perception.


San Ysidro Update

© Alan Nakkash, Border, San Ysidro, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Always Coca Cola, San Ysidro, CA 2008

Hey yall, just a quick update on the San Ysidro shots. These are two pictures I think describe the area pretty well. Enjoy.

Las Vegas: Large Format

© Alan Nakkash, Long Kiss, Las Vegas, NV 2007

© Alan Nakkash, Paris Hallway, Las Vegas, NV 2007

© Alan Nakkash, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV 2007

© Alan Nakkash, Mike, Las Vegas, NV 2007

These were some of the pictures i had made last semester that inspired me to go back to Las Vegas with my medium format camera. These pictures were made with a large format camera. For those that dont know, its a huge fucking camera that is annoying sometimes and doesnt work the way you want it to sometimes, but when you make a picture out of it, there is this sense of detail you just cant get in any other camera. That experience brought me to my current experiences. I posted these up because i had just got back from Vegas with my friend and made lots of pictures. They are being developed currently. It was a fun time all around, a great time was had by all. I will update when i have all the negatives in.


© Alan Nakkash, Pops, San Diego, CA 2007

© Alan Nakkash, Moms, San Diego, CA 2007

© Alan Nakkash, Destination Earth, San Diego, CA 2007

© Alan Nakkash, Beauty, San Diego, CA 2007

Ah polaroids, the good, the bad, and the ugly. What is there to say about it that hasnt been said by millions of hipsters everywhere. Its fun, instant, and not as serious as an slr camera. I love the polaroid camera because of that last reason mostly, no one takes you seriously with it. However, you can make some amazing pictures with it. I want to get a hold of some more polaroid film before its all gone and starts to cost as much as gas money. There is just so much you can get out of certain polaroid cameras and different modifications you can make. My personal favorite polaroid camera is the sx-70 because it controls like an slr camera, lots of amazing colors come out of it.

Liquid Swords

© Alan Nakkash, The Gza, San Diego, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Fans, San Diego, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, The Genius, San Diego, CA 2008

i had gotten the opportunity to shoot a concert by Gza of the Wu Tang Clan, it was a pretty exciting moment because i grew up listening to Wu Tang and he preformed one of my favorite albums of all time, Liquid Swords, maybe ill upload my liquid swords tape he signed.

Jarod And A Lady From Vegas

© Alan Nakkash, Jarod: Día De Los Muertos, San Diego, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, No Name:Vegas, Las Vegas, NV 2008

the shot of jarod was an old shot i forgot to scan a while back, im gonna take another picture of that tat when he gets it colored.

the lady from Vegas was nice enough to pose for a photo when i asked, thats for a further developed project on the strip. look for more to come, sorry for the lack of updates.

Paid Dues

© Alan Nakkash, Phonte, San Bernadino, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Living Legends, San Bernadino, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Murs, San Bernadino, CA 2008

Paid Dues, San Bernadino, Hip Hop, Pictures

Current Work: San Ysidro Color Project

© Alan Nakkash, Holiday, San Ysidro, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Empty, San Ysidro, CA 2008

© Alan Nakkash, Bajacom, San Ysidro, CA 2008

This is one of the current projects I am working on. It is an exploration of the busiest border city in the World between Mexico and the United States.

San Ysidro Large Format Work

© Alan Nakkash, Dolly Guy, San Ysidro, CA 2007

© Alan Nakkash, Amy, San Ysidro, CA 2007

© Alan Nakkash, Pawn Shop, San Ysidro, CA 2007

© Alan Nakkash, Asses, San Ysidro, CA 2007

This was work i had done for my large format photography class at Grossmont College late last year. It inspired a new project on San Ysidro with my other camera that I was much more comfy with. I will post shots from that project while im currently working on it.

Past Work

© Alan Nakkash, From San Diego With Love, San Diego, CA 2006

© Alan Nakkash, Leap Of Faith, San Diego, CA 2007

ill be doing series post ups from past work ive done to have those not familiar with it a chance to catch up.


© Alan Nakkash, Space Portrait, San Diego, CA 2006

My name is Alan Nakkash and this is my blog. I made this blog because I want to try something new to host my photos on. I feel like I have jumped on the bandwagon of this because I know many people who have photo blogs but I dont give a fuck. Ill be showing photos, talking about photos and photography in general, influences, things to be made aware of, etc. I shoot with whatever makes the pictures that need to be made, so you might see pictures made with a range of tools consisting of point and shoot , digital slr, medium format, to large format film cameras. If you have any questions regarding my photography, ask them and ill try to answer as best as i can.